Summer Registration is OPEN!

We are excited to announce our upcoming summer programming. We will be offering the following programs:

Day Camp 

A fun filled summer stocked with hands-on imaginative world building, science experiments, improv games, and funky art projects. We will have the pleasure of co-organizing our 3rd week of Summer Day Camp with Heather Royal Brant, focusing on wild-crafting & story-telling, integrating indigenous knowledge to nourish our relationship to food, farm, forest and friends. Kids will need to come with appropriate clothing for hot and cool weather, shoes for walking, sunscreen, hat, lunch and snack. 

Will run Monday-Thurs, July 5-Aug 5, 10am-2pm

Camp is suitable ages 6-12 (or 5 if you have finished kindergarten)

Each week of camp will be themed

  • Week 1 (July 5th-8th)- MAGIC CAMP
  • Week 2 (July 12th-15th)- SCIENCE CAMP
  • Week 3 (July 19th-22nd)- WILDLY ABUNDANT CAMP hosted by Heather Royal Brant!
  • Week 4 (July 26th-29th)- THEATRE CAMP
  • Week 5 (August 2nd-5th)- SURVIVAL CAMP

Fee: $40/week (please contact us regarding bursaries)

We will also be offering the following…

 Afternoon Programs

  • 2-4 pm  July 5-8 Garden Camp with Katarina & Maya 
  • 2-4 pm  July 12-15 T-Ball/Baseball Camp with Kevin
  • 2-4 pm  July 19-22 Basketball Camp with Alex
  • 2-4 pm  July 26-29 Soccer Camp with Shel
  • 2-4 pm Aug 2-5 Art in the Park with Marlee

Fee: $40/week (please contact us regarding bursaries)

Some more detailed descriptions of our Afternoon Programs: 

Garden Camp: 

Come join us in a culinary and crafty exploration of the garden. Kids will have the opportunity to express their creativity by using veggies, herbs and flowers and turn them into pieces of art of tasty food creations. Fun gardening and nature based activities on the menu as well! Kids should come prepared with a hat, sunscreen, appropriate gardening clothes and clothing for warm/cool . Snacks will be provided. Min 6/Max 14.

T-Ball/Baseball Camp: 

Ages  5-12.  What’s better on a sunny afternoon than a good old game of baseball? Participants will get to practice the basics of the game- proper throwing techniques, the rules of the game, batting and base running. Kids should come prepared with a hat, sunscreen, appropriate footwear (runners or cleats), clothing for warm/cool weather and a helmet and glove (if you don’t have a helmet and glove we can provide them). Snacks will be provided. Min 6/Max 16.

Basketball Camp: 

Ages  6-14.  A chance to shoot some hoops in our new outdoor basketball court! Basketball camp will be hosted by a skilled team of local coaches there to help kids develop their skills. Lots of opportunity for small sided games and welcoming of kids of all skill sets. Snacks will be provided. Min 6/Max 16.

Soccer Camp: 

Ages  6-11.  An opportunity for beginners as well as experienced soccer players to deepen their skills in a high energy and fun filled group environment. Kids will have the opportunity to practice dribbling, passing and shooting in a supportive coaching environment along with a hefty dose of small sided games. Kids should come prepared with a hat, sunscreen, appropriate footwear (runners or cleats) and clothing for warm/cool weather. Snacks will be provided.  

Min 6/Max 12.

Art in the Park: 

Ages  6-14.  Kids will be guided through a variety of lively crafting projects along with opportunities for free creative expression with a smorgasbord of eclectic materials. Kids should come prepared with a hat, sunscreen, and clothing that they don’t mind getting a bit messy in. Snacks will be provided. Min 6/Max 16.

All camps will be run entirely outdoors. 

PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE. We cannot guarantee space for all requested dates, register by June 21 for best chance. Registration will open June 11th. We will confirm your spot after June 21. 

To register, send an email to answering the following questions:

Name of child:

Dates for Daycamp (ranked from first choice to last):

Dates for Afternoon Programs (ranked from first choice to last):

Any access needs that will help us in creating programming that meets your kid’s needs (can include allergies, sensory sensitivities, physical accessibility needs, etc.): 

Please call or email us with any questions:  250-335-2058 or

Due to the ongoing and unpredictable Covid-19 situation, we have put into place special Policies and Procedures around hygiene and distancing, which will be strictly adhered to. We thank you for your patience as we adapt to these changes, and ask that you remain flexible in the event that our protocols change to meet a changing situation. 

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